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Well hello there gamers and gamerettes, as most of you know that I have release the demo version(web browser and desktop) of the game. I want to thank all of you for playing and rating the game. I have news I have begun to create the second world and some of the enemies that will be lerking in it. So without further a do here is level 2-1. 6146075_149251190651_BOMBSLABOMBS-LEVEL2-1UPPERPART.png6146075_149251197652_BOMBSLABOMBS-LEVEL2-1BOTTOM.png

Bombs La Bombs Release

2017-04-16 23:42:59 by Johnson80Games

Gaming universe are ready for some classic action-platformer madness? Well look no futher I have just release the browser version. Run, shoot, jump on the baddies on each level. Collect awesome powr-ups to change the effect on cherryman. You get to play the 1st two levels fill with non-stop action. So enjoy and stay tune for the full desktop version.


Survive in this crazy comical 2D survival horror game. Face patrolers, rammers, crawler and other infected creatures. Travel through each area to find resources, friends and other things needed to survive the choas. Can you make it??? More details on demo release coming soon. You be warned.........6146075_148206872723_Z1MAINMENU.png

Hello gamers and gamerettes, I have news for you all. I will be uploading the new version of Chopper City soon. It has an tutorial mode and some new enemies to battle in the game6146075_148179802722_CHOPPERCITY-NEWMAINMENU.png

Who is Johnson 80 Games

2016-12-06 20:51:27 by Johnson80Games

Hello gamers and gamerettes, I am an Solo indie game developer and entreprenuer. I design and develop these type of genre's; action,arcade, adventure,SHMUP, Side-Scrollers, platformers, survival-horror, retro, shooters, brawlers, hack n slash, ARPG, JRPG and etc......

Here is my short list of 1st Chapter of Games

  • Ninja Bros
  • Talons: Protect Mode
  • Chopper City
  • Ku: ISD Wave
  • Bot Universe
  • Ralle Galactic Wars
  • Hood Warz
  • Food War
  • Ralle 20XX Mobile
  • Rel in Snackland
  • Halloween Alley
  • Space Bros
  • Bro T
  • Blast Brawl
  • The S Boyz
  • RUN 20XX
  • Urban High
  • Ku Intergalactic Space Dude
  • Radical Guy
  • The 9
  • Rescue in the Chi

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